Senior Consultant

Based in Austin, TX

Megan’s sponge-like curiosity, creativity, and attention to detail make her a valuable member of our team. Megan spends her days discovering pain points through user research and solving them with precise wireframes.

Since joining Slide UX, Megan has found a love for user research and research-based design. As the owner of our standard research processes, she leads research and usability projects. She stays on top of the latest research tactics and strategies with lots of reading and community involvement. Megan thrives on getting a deep understanding of users and uncovering their unmet needs.

Before becoming a Slider , Megan taught in a Next Gen elementary school after graduating from Texas A&M University. While teaching, Megan gained a deep empathy for others, a keen thirst for knowledge, and the flexibility to adapt to changes, which aided in her transition into user experience research and design.

In her spare time, Megan enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching movies with her husband, Pinteresting ideas she rarely follows through with, and annoying her cats.

Learn more about Megan in her “Meet a Slider” blog post.

“…The team loved working with Megan. You’re onto a great one there! We’d be happy to work with her again, for sure.”
— Melanie Lowe, Chief Operating Officer at Extractable