Founder & Principal Consultant

Based in Austin, TX

You know that ominous cloud of ambiguity at the start of a complex interactive project? That’s the part Erin loves. Count on her to dive in, master the subject matter, and provide a tangible, strategic, and user-centered path forward. Erin often leads research planning, requirements gathering and product strategy.

Erin started Slide UX to support the product teams and marketers who want to be sure their sites and mobile applications are useful, usable, good-looking, and optimized. 

Since the firm's inception, Erin and her team have provided user experience design and research services to a wide variety of clients, including UPS, Dell, Reliant/NRG, Allstate, Alcon, Indeed, RetailMeNot, Covidien, Pervasive Software, VMware, Stainmaster,, CopperEgg, SolarWinds, RawEngineering, Acura,, Fidelity Charitable, RoosterTeeth, Harman/JBL, KindHealth, Atlassian/HipChat, Idera, Aquent, CourseTrends, Ziften, and MoreHands Maids. They have also partnered with agencies nationwide, including T3, Rawle Murdy, Spring Studio (now owned by BBVA Compass), HCB, Proof, ModernWhole, 70kft, Expero, On Ideas, TNS+D, Clutch Creative, GSD&M, Projekt202, Somnio, Mullen, and Extractable. 

Before consulting independently, she led the IA/UX practice at T3 and served as a Web Producer at National Instruments, driving highly collaborative global web projects from start to finish across nine languages, then gathering analytics and user feedback to optimize the experience.

In her spare time, Erin enjoys tackling ridiculous home improvement projects with her husband and spending time outside with her boys. She also enjoys giving back by helping to arrange learning and community opportunities within the local UX industry.

“Erin is an empathizer. She adopts her client’s customers as her own, and she carefully yet rapidly seeks an understanding of their needs.She is a remarkable partner that I know I will be working with again.”
— Shaun Adams, Creative Director at