Operations Analyst

Based in Austin, TX

Once a mathematics teacher, now an analyst, Jordan’s passion has always been with numbers and the stories they tell. Relatively new to the field of design, his solid background in mathematics mixed with his ability to solve problems puts him in a rather unique role at Slide UX. Jordan loves the opportunity to dive into spreadsheets full of data, and helping others to visualize their contents.

Before joining the team at Slide UX, Jordan worked as a secondary mathematics teacher within the Pennsylvania Public School System for seven years, where he taught classes ranging from pre-algebra to pre-calculus. He earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

When he’s not working, Jordan loves to be outside. Hiking, fishing, hunting, kayaking, and simply exploring new places is how he loves to spend his time. Jordan loves taking on new challenges - his latest being the complete restoration of his 1940 Farmall Tractor “Henrietta.” When he’s not outside, you’re most likely to find Jordan playing guitar and piano, bingeing some of his favorite TV shows, or spending time with his dog, Jax, and cats, Weezy, Kira, and Thomas.