Customer Journey Mapping & User Flows

Gain a Clearer View


Sharp customer insights drive effective design. Zoom out from the screen-level view to consider the complete user experience and business dependencies for transformational results.


Customer Journey Maps

Visualize the user's total experience — beyond the product — to inform more useful and appealing solutions. Customer journey maps illuminate users' actions and feelings across time and channels to build a complete picture of their needs, challenges, and expectations.


User Flows

Before designing any screen, plan the full course of actions users will take through your product. User flows identity gaps, inconsistencies, and opportunities for efficiency in your proposed service. Get the whole team together — product, sales, and technology — to create a shared vision for your customer experience.


Specialized Exercises

Like products themselves, no two design processes are exactly alike. We offer a range of adaptable workshop formats, discovery exercises, and visualization tools to conjure your next big idea: from strategy tools like empathy maps to tactical activities like swim lanes.

“Thanks to improvements Slide UX made to user experience, more users are requesting demos. It’s also helped our sales team get in touch with customers during an ideal time in the buying process.”
— Enterprise SaaS Data Backup Provider (Austin, TX, 200 employees)