A Ticket to Innovation
for TicketCity’s 360 Access

International Ticket Company in Austin, TX


TicketCity is a leading destination for concert and sports tickets. Their inventory division, 360 Access, uses a proprietary ticket pricing & event analysis software called Axis to keep ticket prices aligned with the ever-changing market. But the original interface serving these features didn’t inspire their staff or investors. They called on Slide UX to “get rid of all the grey”, but we did a lot more.

What We Did

After interviewing employees who were heavy users of the system, Slide UX determined the data that employees really used – and why. We applied a 'slick' UI – their words – and added an easy-to-use mobile view so that buyers could monitor the data on the go. Frequent reviews with internal stakeholders clarified the use cases and contributed new ideas.


"They did an amazing job. The communication was spot-on. Every step of the way, I knew exactly what was happening."

Caroline Gibbs, Chief Purchasing Officer


In an interview with, TicketCity rated Slide UX 5-stars for willingness to refer.

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