Telling the story of cannabinoid science
for GB Sciences

Public Biotech Company in Las Vegas, NV


GB Sciences’ rigor and innovation are unparalleled in the emerging industry of cannabinoid science. The bioceutical first broke convention as one of the first cannabis companies to go public.

As laws began to change around the United States, the company had to serve many masters - showcasing the promise of GB Sciences' leadership team to potential investors, keeping the science community informed of latest innovations, delivering news about the sparkling new facility in development, and routing consumers to the retail brands it was affiliated with. 

What We Did

To tell their story, we delivered a full site redesign that shaped their sprawling legacy content into a crisp narrative.

Through the process of interviews and current-state audit, site mapping, wireframing, and visual design, we arrived at an educational new site that swirled modern science and promising medical developments at a glance.

The Craft CMS backend made it easy for content managers to keep the site up to date with the company’s rapid development.


The public is now taking note. In 2018, the firm was named one of ten select cannabis companies in North America in a study by a leading investment banking firm in Canada. In March 2018, they announced plans to acquire NevadaPURE for $28M, which will add another 72,000 square feet of cultivation.

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