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Polishing up a dusty brand for MoreHands

Maid Service Franchise based in Austin, TX


MoreHands Maid Service originated in Slide UX's home territory of Austin, TX. Known for its eye-catching cars clad with big white gloves on top and catchy radio jingles, the friendly family-owned business was quickly advancing into new regions of Texas.

Without a defined identify, they found their brand splintering by region and channel. They saw an opportunity to use a customized pricing workflow to better inform customers and reduce costs. And each local branch presented an untapped opportunity for local marketing. That’s where Slide UX came in.

What We Did

Identify Refresh

Through design iteration and rapid user surveys, we blended the best of their history with their vision for the future to create one visual ID for all markets and applications.

New Website and Consultation for a Custom Pricing Flow

Then, we applied that to a search- and conversion-optimized website which we designed and built to tell the MoreHands story better in all locales. The marketing site led into the custom pricing and checkout application we designed in close partnership with founder Greg Norrell.

Hyperlocal landing page strategy

We brought an SEO consultant in to help define a strategy to support the hyperlocalized needs of specific franchise advertising efforts.

More Project Artifacts


MoreHands ownership rated Slide UX 10 out of 10 in post-project feedback. 

The branches have created a total of 25 search- and conversion-optimized local landing pages which help capture search organic traffic for neighborhood names and zip codes that the organization now serves.