Creating Realistic Rapid Prototypes with Axure

We all know it’s important to test early and often. But lots of usability issues can spring from the “crevices” of the finished product — small interactions that aren’t represented in a flat, clickable prototype.

When the UI we’re testing is intended to be highly interactive, flat prototypes don’t cut it. With Axure, it's easy to produce rapid prototypes that seem more like a finished product. You can allow users to input data, carry user data from one screen to another, or do different things depending on conditions that you set.

Sound hard? Don’t worry, we got you!

I had the privilege of working with Jeremy Osborn from Aquent to create the latest “Gym Short” course for the Aquent Gymnasium.

The free course, Advanced Rapid Prototyping With Axure, will teach you how to use variables and conditions to create prototypes that are more representative of the final product.

About Aquent Gymnasium

Aquent Gymnasium offers free online courses designed to teach creative professionals in-demand skills. They use Aquent’s recruiting arm to determine the skills employers are seeking, but can’t find. Then they sponsor free, practical, self-paced courses taught by experienced practitioners (like Travis!).

Learn more about the vision for Aquent Gymnasium in this podcast.