Senior Consultant

Based in Austin, TX

Our resident Android fanboy, Travis is also an experienced UX designer and serious UI prototyper. 

Since joining Slide UX, Travis' claim to fame is having gone very, very deep into the mobile design of one enterprise client, developed a specification system for their mDot, iPhone, Android, and iPad applications that ensures cross-platform consistency, requirements traceability, and clear communication of changes release after release.

Before joining Slide UX, Travis served Director of User Experience at Rocksauce Studios, an Austin-based mobile development shop, where he spent his days creating highly functional mobile prototypes using Axure. He tried his hand at being a painter in NYC before earning his B.F.A. in Graphic and Interactive Communications at Ringling College of Art and Design.

In his spare time, Travis enjoys building things, grilling on the barbeque pit, and keeping the rest of us up to speed on all flavors of modern conspiracy theory. You'd be surprised to learn how many people have disappeared in national parks!

“Travis is a stellar example of a professional user experience engineer. He has an in-depth understanding of user expectations and has a great imagination for incorporating software features in new and exciting ways that still feel intuitive and easy-to-understand.”
— Nathanael Berman, Director of Project Management at Rocksauce Studios