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In the medical community, board certification serves as the best measure of physician excellence. The content, data, and interactions that support decades of different radiological certifications and specialities are mind-boggling. 

The ABR challenged us to create an experience in which candidates, diplomates, and other segments understood what they needed to do to get and stay certified.

What We Did

Our partnership with the ABR has spanned years and departments, and the user research we did at the start of the project helped the whole time. Our work has included:

  • Redesigning the public site

  • Refreshing their logo

  • Redesigned their authenticated product experience (MyABR)

  • Designing the new Online Longitudinal Assessments that radiologists will use to stay certified (which replace a high-stakes in person exam once a decade with a minimum of 50 online quiz questions per year)

  • Multiple rounds of user research, both formative and summative

The audience is sophisticated and detail-oriented, but some of our big 'aha's from usability testing were simple. For example, we learned that many radiologists prefer to review scans in dim lighting, so a light UI in the certification interface was jarring.

Another takeaway from the project was the complexity of managing lifetime and time-limited certifications across a dizzying combination of specialties and subspecialties. The ABR’s bright, experienced team was on helpful and reminded us of the many possible use cases we’d need to consider for each part of the experience.


"The people are great to work with! They quickly learned about our organization and have listened to our needs. The process has been so easy with them."

Dr. Valerie Jackson, Executive Director


We've received positive feedback both from internal and external users about the new look and improved functionality. 

The project's value is perhaps best quantified by the brand benefits & opportunity cost. By designing an easy-to-use experience, the board was able to show that it cares. And now, there's the time that they're not spending supporting confused diplomates. The ABR intends to continue partnering with Slide UX for future UX and UI needs.

Designing for such a high-stakes circumstance was quite a responsibility. We’ve appreciated radiologists’ commentary on social media.

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In an interview with Clutch.co, The American Board of Radiology rated Slide UX 5-stars across the board.

Read the full interview >


"We were all blown away with how quickly Slide UX understood what we were trying to do and the different ins and outs of everything that we have to communicate through our website."

Donna Breckenridge, Director of Communications

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