User Research

Find What's Hiding in Users' Heads


Customer insights are the bedrock of breakthrough design. Whether data helps shape a new product, or validate and refine something existing, research puts the “user” in user-centered design.


user Interviews

From one-on-one to group settings, direct customer engagement tells us vivid stories that intuition alone can't. With thoughtful moderation, we tease out qualitative conclusions to generate new ideas and validate working hypotheses.


Usability testing

Let user behavior be your guide. Observe people's natural progression towards a goal in a working product or prototype. Or let an impartial moderator accompany users through a light prototype to gather impressions and reactions. After in-person or remote sessions, we deliver reports identifying opportunities ranked from nice-to-have to critical.


Surveys and Studies

Sometimes you need the quick answers and high volume only an online survey can provide. We design self-driven user studies to maximize both completion rates and meaningful conclusions. Then we analyze the results to filter next steps from the noise.


Customer definition

Crystalize the results of your research investment into artifacts that create lasting understanding throughout the business. Personas, use cases, user/job stories, highlight reels, and creative briefs are some of the tools we use to foster shared understanding of your users.

“Prior to working with Slide UX, we used overly simple designs which relied on inaccurate assumptions about our target demographic. Since most of our customers are older, usability tests showed that they didn’t necessarily have an intuitive understanding of web navigation. Slide UX helped us stay cognizant of that fact.”
— National Senior Care Referral Service (Seattle, WA, 800 Employees)