The Big Idea

There's a direct relationship between intentional, strategic design and measurable business outcomes. We're wired to support client teams that value practical, well-vetted, and measurable approaches over hacks or theatrics.

We're a family business and it shows in our culture, which centers on cultivating the skills and confidence of our team. We seek clients who are invested in their projects and good to work with. We provide the same in return, by affording our team the balance to pursue their interests and enjoy their lives outside of work.

Slider Culture

Our clients' success & satisfaction is paramount. To keep clients happy, we have to keep the Sliders happy. So culture is a big deal to us. At Slide UX, we value respectfulness, helpfulness, playfulness, camaraderie, and growth mindset. We can be dorky & silly, but we get things done – and we love clients who are the same way. 

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Our Team

Erin Young
Founder & Principal Consultant

Chad Currie
Principal Consultant

Travis Slate
Senior Consultant

Lindsay Winters
Senior UX Designer

Darvinder Singh Kochhar
Associate UX Designer

Brant Young
Founder & Principal Consultant

Tia Krupa
Principal Consultant

Samantha Meazell
Research Director

Cat Battson
Senior UX Designer

Marisa Chantharayukhonthorn
Associate UX Designer

Hanna O'Brien
Senior Consultant (New Projects)

Megan Baker
Senior Consultant

Jeff Battson
Creative Director

Jeff Schanzer
Senior UX Designer

Jamie Whelan
Associate User Researcher


What's it take to be a Slider?

The traits that make a good Slider are the same no matter your role or level here. Sliders are always looking for ways to grow, and we measure ourselves against five traits: accountability, client service, collaboration, personal thought leadership, and company bettermentLearn more about the perks of Sliderdom.

We’re currently not hiring, but that could change at any time. Email us at with your resume, cover letter, and why you would like to join the team.