User Interface Redesigns

Keep it Fresh


Every evolving business sees its user experience erode. Screens age. Priorities and preferences shift. Revive fatigued interfaces without disrupting operations — from incremental upgrades to total overhauls.



Like blueprints, wireframes visualize foundational UX ideas early in the process. First, we gather requirements and write use cases. Then we draw low-fidelity screens to solve the key business problems. By saving the pixel-perfection for later, we stay fast and focused on the decisions that matter.


Visual Concepting

User experience is a critical expression of your brand. To define your ideal look, feel, and tone, we make multiple mood boards to interpret your brand qualities in the digital sphere. Through discussion and refinement, we arrive at the chosen concept to guide future decisions.


Visual Design Implementation

Applying your visual concept to wireframes, we produce high-fidelity mockups that show developers exactly what you're expecting. To ensure pixel perfect execution, we deliver final screens and states complete with annotations, media assets, motion proofs, or CSS snippets.

“What we created with Slide UX was unique and special: a living asset that turned into lots of new traffic, new business, and new excitement amongst our business units. It was a huge win all around.”
— Global Consulting Firm (Washington DC, 5,000+ employees)