From quick wireframe click-thrus to dynamic, high-fidelity demos


Whether simple or sophisticated, our prototypes make things easy to review, test, and explain.

Interaction design should be more than a series of static screens. At Slide UX, we use rapid prototyping to simulate an interactive experience long before developers even cracks their knuckles - saving our client substantially.



As a user-centered design firm, we’re thrilled to see a huge shift as software teams and marketers alike realize the tremendous upside of collecting user feedback informally or through usability testing.

But you can’t test early and test often if there’s nothing to test.

With rapid prototyping, we spin up password-protected simulations of web applications, websites, and mobile applications in a fraction of the time it’d take for actual development.



In large organizations, the ideas that dazzle are the ones that are budgeted for. Build an interactive demo of your vision, record excited user narrations, and share with your jaw-dropped colleagues. .

By pairing an interactive prototype with video and voiceover, you can showcase your vision for the ideal user experience to get investors on board. Or better yet - when the appetites of prospective users and begin gathering feedback on what you intend to build!



Our user experience design team uses a wide range of tools. Axure, a powerful professional-grade prototyping tool, is our specialty, but we’ve also used Omnigraffle, PowerPoint, InVision, HTML and other prototyping methods - and can advise on their pros and cons.

“Slide UX’s unmatched combination of UX design experience and technical know-how allow them to quickly create rich prototypes for early stage concept testing. They leave no stone unturned, efficiently creating prototypes which are remarkably complete, intuitive, and simply look plain fantastic.”
— Steve Gissin, Founder of OneSpark User Research