The Brief Newsletter Archive


The Brief Q1 2019

Volume 8: Recap of 2018

We shared some highlights from 2018 and a snapshot of our annual Team Week.


The Brief Q3 2018

Voume 7: What’s the Flume?

Q3 was busy with starting a production apprenticeship, building our own custom automation product, and Sliders speaking at different opportunities.


The Brief Q2 2018

Volume 6: Let’s stay in touch

We focused on becoming GDPR-compliant, and the Slide UX team continues to grow and hit milestones.


The Brief Q1 2018

Volume 5: Planning for an Epic 2018

Erin shared strategy for tackling tasks and asked how Slide UX can be a better partner in 2018.


The Brief Q3 2017

Volume 4: Our biggest, easiest hire so far

We welcomed Cat and Jeff Battson, our first West Coast Sliders.


The Brief Q2 2016

Volume 3: Cheers to being good, and being good to work with

Slide UX was named as a top UX design agency, and customer interviews helped define the Slide UX brand.


The Brief Q2 2015

Volume 2: A new year in full bloom

We listed a few resources to help discover new UX skills and recent Slider events.


The Brief Q4 2014

Volume 1: Thank you for a great year

Slide UX summed up 2014 in one word and shared the latest resources on the blog.