Expert Heuristic Reviews

Tough Love & Quick Wins


Put fresh eyes on your product experience. An expert review delivers high-value conclusions before you commit to a full design engagement. It also offers a comfortable path into a new consulting relationship.


Expert Analysis

Stress-test your user experience for business-limiting gaps and potent opportunities. To identify quick wins, we apply intuition gained through hundreds of design projects, plus use cases and market analysis — both of competitors and comparable products in other markets.


Heuristic Report

When it's time to make concrete recommendations, we're both creative and considerate of your operational realities. Suggestions come in any combination of formal reports, plain text, quick sketches, reference to other designs, or fast mockups.

“The recommendations Slide UX brought back were very specific and helpful for the user path, and more specifically for navigation on mobile devices. They were ordered in terms of prioritization and accompanied by clear next steps that we should take.”
— Private University