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Meet Lindsay

We’re proud of the team members that make up Slide UX and want to give you a chance to meet them. Our Meet a Slider series continues with Lindsay Winters, user experience designer.

Name: Lindsay Winters

Specialty: Interactive & Visual Design

Start Date: Jan 2015

What drew you to this field?

I’m a communicator and a creative person but I never viewed myself as an artist, as so many people that enter into a creative field do. What I love about UX is that we act as a bridge for connecting our clients to users and we help them both reach their goals by using good communication and creative problem-solving. I love that we’re always trying to find the “why” in everything and that I get to use both the analytical and the creative sides of my brain day in and day out.

What one piece of advice would you want to give to aspiring UX designers?

The path to UX is rarely a straight one. My advice is to try to get the most out of every experience. Part of being a great UXer is being able to work with people from all different backgrounds and industries and having the ability to connect with people on a human level.

Lindsay receiving the first annual Chipwich Award for best Thanksgiving potluck dish: her french bread dressing.

Lindsay receiving the first annual Chipwich Award for best Thanksgiving potluck dish: her french bread dressing.

What's the biggest challenge we face as an industry?

We deal with constant change. New technology, ways of displaying information, and visual design trends are always changing and developing. We have to stay up-to-date, which is a constant effort, and also one of the things that makes this field so exciting.

What's new in the industry that's catching your eye?

The social responsibilities that fall on designers has really come to the forefront lately. Dark patterns have ruled the internet (and other places) during the past year. Designers are part of that puzzle and it’s really important that we create mindful and ethical designs.

What are the most challenging parts of your job?

Switching from the big picture to the zoomed-in detail within a large project can be a challenge. We need to focus on the tasks at hand while also making sure that we are on track to reach our main goal. Timelines can shift and priorities can change, making it even more important to take a step back every once and awhile and make sure everything is coming together as it should.

What is the biggest lesson you have you learned in your job, and how did you learn it?

The power of teamwork. Collaboration is big part of all our projects; each of us bring different something to the table, and we all have high standards for communication. We value each other’s feedback, and we all are good at listening. I realized this was a key part of our success when time and again, I’ve seen how happy our clients are with our work when the project comes to a close.

Lindsay takes a special interest to develop new UX talent by speaking about career planning to students at programs like ACC's User Experience program.

What makes Slide UX different?

Everyone at Slide is passionate about being here. We get along really well, both at work and in a social environment. We communicate well and often, and every meeting has a purpose. We all ask questions, learn outside of work hours, and actively take steps to get better at our craft everyday.  

Describe your ideal client or project? 

The ideal client knows they need a UX professional to help them reach their goals. They listen, they contribute, they’re reasonable with deadlines, and they are open to our suggestions -- but they also aren’t afraid to speak up when they have a question or another way of looking at the problem.

“The path to UX is rarely a straight one. Try to get the most out of every experience.”

What's the most powerful part of our design process?

Interacting with users takes the whole team - both us & our clients - out of our heads and into the real world. Our conversations with users provide real insight into what folks are thinking when they are using the product. By getting users to open up, we shed new light on a a products issues and also its value.

What tools do you use for your job that you could not live without?

I live in Sketch. I am also a huge fan of Google Drive and Slack. 

How do you stay inspired and creative?

I make sure to have a life outside of work. I have other hobbies and interests that help keep my brain fresh, like knitting and playing the double bass in a local orchestra. 

Lighting Round

  • Do you have any hidden talents? I can fold a fitted sheet.

  • Cat or Dog? Cat. Hands down, 100%.

  • BBQ: Sauce or no sauce? Sauce is allowed but not required.

  • Hot Dog Toppings? Either just ketchup (I said it, Travis) or sauerkraut and mustard.

  • Favorite coffee shop? Thunderbird for the coffee, Spider House for the atmosphere.

  • How do you like your coffee? A little foamy.

  • Who on the team would you want to be stuck on an island with and why? Unless we’re stuck on the island of Manhattan, having Adam around would save me because he’s an outdoorsy guy who probably knows how to forage for food and for sure could create some kind of shelter. Megan would be awesome too because she’d be great at figuring out what’s what, plus she’s my work lobster. This combo would be laughing a lot, for sure.