Associate User Experience Designer

Based in Austin, TX

Darvinder loves making things from scratch. He loves bringing order to projects that feel a bit messy. Right now, he specializes in wireframing, visual design and creating smooth prototypes.

Before starting with Slide UX, Darvinder worked in finance and was a part-time UX consultant. He also published a UX case study called Google Hobbies. Since starting at Slide, he has helped design user experiences for OurParents.com, APlaceForMom.com and Sysco.

Darvinder was born and raised in Pune, India and he grew up dreaming about the New York City skyline. He made the move to New York in 2012 before relocating to the Austin area years later. In his spare time, Darvinder loves to geek out about composition in movies and TV series, work on DIY projects, and do wedding photography.